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Cases of Injury from Dangerous Drugs in Missouri

If you have been prescribed a medication that caused illness or injury, it is urgent that you contact a St. Louis dangerous drug lawyer from Fox, Goldblatt & Singer. Our legal team has been in practice since 1949 and is committed to providing high quality, aggressive representation in all types of dangerous drug injury cases. We have garnered a reputation for excellence and have proven our ability to recover large settlements for individuals who have suffered an injury or illness as a result of negligence by a pharmaceutical company or other corporate entity. We have an exceptional record in litigating injury claims against corporate giants and in achieving high value settlements in dangerous drug injury claims. The first step is to contact our firm so that we can evaluate your situation and determine the best course of action to take legally.

Dangerous Drug Injury Claims in St. Louis

When a legal issue regarding injury from a dangerous drug needs to be addressed, our firm has the experience that will best serve you to with regard to a lawsuit or claim against the manufacturer, physician or other liable party. We can provide you with information regarding the Food and Drug Administration, and have extensive knowledge in how defective drugs reach the market. When seeking compensation, it requires an attorney that has a proven record in successfully resolving claims for defective pharmaceuticals.

Our firm represents individuals injured by Levaquin, Gadolinium, Reglan, Yaz/Yasmin, Avandia, Accutane, and those who were prescribed a drug that was later recalled, including the Darvocet recall, and the Vioxx recall . If a pharmaceutical company was negligent, a lawsuit or claim should be filed against them within the time restrictions under state law. We also file claims for injuries from over the counter prescription, anti-depressants, arthritis drugs, cholesterol drugs, birth control drugs, diet drugs, and other dangerous medications.

Inadequate Warning
One of the biggest concerns when dealing with dangerous drugs is that the manufacturing company was negligent in the handling of them. Ideally, these drugs are to be testing thoroughly before they ever hit the shelves. While this is usually the case, this sometimes does not occur – leaving a drug floating around the market with adverse side effects that are unknown to the common consumers. What, however, happens when the company knew about the side effects but did nothing to warn the public about them? In cases where it is determined that inadequate warning was made regarding the potential hazards of a drug, you likely could have grounds to file a claim or obtain financial compensation. Want to know more about these types of cases and how an attorney from our firm can help? Please click here to read about failure to warn.

Made ill by a dangerous drug? Our firm could help!

Our firm has gained a reputation for high quality, personal and aggressive legal services to those injured by dangerous drugs in the St. Louis area. Named as SuperLawyers, we are also members of the Multi Million Dollar Advocates Forum and are AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell, a peer review rating system recognizing ethical standards and outstanding case results. We take on these cases prepared to seek the highest possible compensation from negligent drug manufacturers who have harmed innocent victims.

Every drug related injury case has unique circumstances and varying degrees of injury. We provide a free case evaluation to help you determine what can be expected in your claim or lawsuit. The outcome of the case is extremely important to the injured victim, as it will provide the finances to pay for medical bills, treatments, and address any permanent damage or injuries that came about through the use of the dangerous drug. We are a dedicated legal team that will aggressively pursue you claim, protect your best interests, and have won hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements over our years in practice.

We urge you to contact us as early as possible after suffering any injury or illness from a dangerous drug, whether a prescribed medication or over the counter drug. There are time restrictions that will only allow a short window in which to file a claim, and it is crucial that your claim is filed quickly so that you have the opportunity to get the compensation for damages that is deserved in your case.

Contact a St. Louis dangerous drug lawyer from our firm today.